>>Air Cooled Module Unit
  • Product Features
    • Space-saving
    • Comprehensive Protection
    • Modularized Design
    • Fast & Convenient Maintenance Management
    • Ultra-low Noise
    • Advanced Control, Stable Quality, Reliable Performance
    • High efficiency and energy saving
  • modular heat pump
    • Using environmental protection R407C, and will not destroy the ozone layer
    • Main control design of any module: any module can be used as the main module as long as the hand operator is plugged in.
    • Ultra strong compatibility: The same and different models can also be combined in any combination, it can be up to 8 modules
    • Ultra strong protection: the safety protection function is complete, has the strong fault self-diagnosis function.
    • Balanced operation: Balanced operation technology between compressors, ensure the rotation of every compressor in the system, greatly extend the service life of the compressor.
    • Remote monitoring function: Built-in RS485 communication, user can choose cloud interface and connect phone to check machine data.

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