>>Air Conditioning Unit--Water Cooled Series
    • Water-cooling scroll module cold & hot water unit is a kind of central air-conditioning equipment which radiate. heat by cooling tower and there is no motor room.
    • No need motor room. It is similar as central air conditioning.
    • Below 200RT for water-cooling scroll module unit, it is better to choose water-cooling screw compressor.
    • There are above two independent working systems for each module of the water-cooling scroll modular unit. If one system fails, other systems can run normally and the whole air-conditioning system will not be affected.
    • Water-cooling module chiller is divided into single cooling, single cooling with partial heat recovery and single cooling with full heat recovery according to purpose. It is convenient to maintain and energy-saving. Widely used both for cooling in summer and heating in winter.
    • Adopting flexible scroll compressor, it operate smoothly, and its noise is 3~5dB lower than that of piston compressor, it is extremely quiet while running.
    • The evaporator adopts highly efficient copper pipe with internal thread and corrugated aluminum fin, which greatly improves the efficiency
    • Facevelocity of evaporator is low, it confirms that fan coil water will not fly in fresh air working condition.
    • Using environmental refrigerant (R410A), it has no damage to the ozone layer.
    • Full electronic control, easy operation, stable and reliable operation.
  • water chiller systems
    • Using environmental protection R407C or R134a, OPD value is zero, and will not destroy the ozone layer.
    • Semi-closed screw compressor, easy to maintain
    • Stepless energy regulation, accurate control of water temperature.
    • COP of fallingfilm type unit is up to 6 or above.
    • PLC control, powerful function, simple operation, can be selected with a variety of communication protocols
    • Adopt professional refrigerating compressor, can save energy.
    • Low noise, quiet operation, no vibration, environmental protection, ecological efficiency.
    • Humanized interface, master temperature control requirements.
    • 24000 hours of trouble-free operation.
    • Compact internal structure, scientific and reasonable design, beautiful, generous.
    • It is very convenient to move and change the use location.
    • Professional circulation pump fast cooling, cooling speed is fast.

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