>>Evapotrative Unit
  • small evaporative air conditioner
    • The external machine adopts the fully enclosed copeland scroll compressor, and the internal machine adopts the fluorine system.
    • Unique control technology, multiple protection, stable system operation
    • Compact structure, easy installation
    • Ultra-quiet design, the noise of the external machine is less than 25dB, and the noise of the internal machine is less than 42dB.
    • Using environmental protection R407C or R134a, OPD value is zero, and will not destroy the ozone layer
    • COP is high, it is more than 40% energy saving compared with air cooler, and COP can be more than 5 when full load.
    • Stepless energy regulation, accurately control of water temperature.
    • The field only needs to connect the chilled water pipe, water refill pipe and power supply to be able to use, effectively shortening the concealedinstallation period.
    • Built-in scale treatment system, water system maintain simply.
    • The air volume of fan greatly reduces compared with air cooler, so it effectively reduces the unit noise
    • The volume is smaller than the fan with the same air volume, saving installation space.

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