>Rock Wool
  • sound insulation blanket
    • For optimum insulation performance the building thermal barrier (insulation) should be in continual alignment with the building air barrier.
    • Follow the local, applicable building code(s) to determine the need for and placement of a vapor retarder.
    • Do not install insulation on top, or within 3 inches of a recessed light fixture unless the fixture is labeled as “insulation contact” (IC) rated.
    • Kraft and standard foil facings will burn and cannot be left exposed. Install facings in substantial contact with the assembly finish material.
    • Excellent thermal control
    • Effective acoustical control
    • Long term performance and will not settle nor slump within wall cavities
    • With less dust than other fiberglass products, Akawell Fiberglas insulation has excellent  stiffness and recovery characteristics
    • Compression packaging from Akawell speeds job site handling and installation
  • acoustic insulation board
    • Metal-framed wall and floor cavity wall assemblies
    • Wood-framed wall, floor and roof/ceiling cavity wall assemblies
    • Furring strips installed on the interior surface of basement walls
    • Interior surfaces of basement and unvented crawl space foundation walls

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