>>Unit Air-conditioning (air-cooling Series)
  • industrial airconditioning
    • Machinery Industry: Control the oil temperature of hydraulic system. Guarantee the precision of hydraulic.
    • Pressure and equipment’s normal, safe and effective work. Prolong oil’s service life.
    • Electroplating Industry: Control the temperature of electroplating liquid and improve the quality of. electroplating products.
    • Plastic Industry: Control mould’s temperature and improve products’ quality.
    • Vacuum Industry: Accurately control boiler’s temperature and ensure product’s quality in order to improve. productivity.
    • Electronics Industry: Stabilize electronic components’ internal molecular structure during production for protecting it.
    • Food Industry: Stabilize storage temperature for great food quality.
  • chiller units for sale
    • Using environmental protection R407C or R134a, OPD value is zero, and will not destroy the ozone layer.
    • The condenser heat exchange tube adopts 5mm diameter copper tube, which is more efficient, and greatly reduce the amount of refrigerant filling.
    • It only needs to connect the chilled water pipe and power supply on site, which can effectively shorten the installation period.
    • COP of fallingfilm type unit is up to 3.4 or above, it can meet first level energy efficiency standards.
    • Stepless energy regulation, accurate control of water temperature.
    • PLC control, powerful function, simple operation, can be selected with a variety of communication protocols

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